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20 best dog food brands in USA


If your friend has allergies you can’t beat Addiction, the leading hypoallergenic brand on the market today. With antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, it’s not hard to see why this brand has a passionate fan base.

Against the Grain

When you open a can of Against the Grain you see what you’re getting. Instead of mystery meat, marvel at whole chunks of fish and beef pulled straight from the bone.

Blackwood Dog Food

Family owned for 20 years, Blackwood is an all-American brand. Relying on traditional methods, this food is slow cooked in small batches, ensuring your fuzzy companion eats as though it were Thanksgiving every day.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is the only brand with LifesourceBits, a kibble with a blend of nutrients and vitamins. It’s especially good if your best friend is a bit under the weather, needs an immune system boost or just to keep them tip top against daily wear and tear.

Nature’s Recipe

With a huge selection to choose from and even breed specific varieties, no stone is left unturned where Nature’s Recipe is concerned. Whether you need to address weight, coat or digestion, these guys have it covered.


California Natural

With a limited number of ingredients, this is a great food for a dog with food sensitivities. No hidden extras. You won’t be getting tummy upsets, you can count the happy days!

Back to Basics

Back to Basics loves sustainability. Not only are they a family owned company who prides themselves on their integrity, they plant a tree every time you buy a bag of back to basics.


Beaverdam leaves out all the fillers like bone meal and gluten. Instead they fill their product with good stuff such as four digestive aids, trace minerals and alfalfa.


With a focus on vitality, Dogswell make “Happy Hips,” “Vitality,” “Shape Up” and “Mellow Mut” so that you can address your dog’s health concerns and keep them galloping in the park for hours.


You can choose your recipe based on activity level, breed and size to customize your best friend’s culinary experience. With a philosophy that incorporates “total body health,” Holistic caters for everything your dog needs.



With a selection including grain free, organic and non-GMO food, Nutrisource has created the “Good 4 Life” formula, including minerals, enzymes and selenium. You can even go on the website and see the founders’ enthusiasm for their product for yourself.

Young Again

With a strong commitment to your dog’s carnivorous needs, Young Again includes minerals which promote new cell growth which fight the signs of ageing. You’ll have your very special family member with you for years to come.


Pinnacle supports a complete diet and so include probiotics in their limited ingredient product to support your pet’s digestive needs. With gorgeous illustrations on their packaging and duck and potato included in their varieties, you might find yourself drooling over your pet’s bowl!

Sojos Complete

Sojos uses fresh raw food and freeze dried raw meat. If your best friend likes it raw, Sojos has you covered.

Taste of the Wild

With roasted quail, roasted duck and smoked turkey as their key ingredients, Taste of the Wild lives up to its name. Your dog will rediscover its roots and have happy dreams of chasing game in the forest.

Emma Lou’s Homemade Kitchen

Based in Los Angeles, Emma Lou’s uses up to date ingredients such as leafy greens, quinoa and flax seed as well as human grade protein. Your fuzzy friend will feel like a star munching on this exclusive cuisine.


Every time you buy a bag of DogforDog food they donate another to a local dog shelter. Free your conscience, and know that man’s best friend is helping one of his own.

Fresh Pet

The name says it all. Delivered daily, Fresh Pet uses locally sourced ingredients, cooks their food at a low temperature and then refrigerates it immediately. Second to cooking the food yourself, this is as fresh as you’ll get.


With Ellen DeGeneres as co-owner, Halo has received a lot of attention. Halo is the brand behind Shelter Me, a rescue and shelter organization in Los Angeles. Halo seeks to better the lives of animals and you can find their products distributed widely.


Hill’s provide prescription food for your special pooch. Committed to a holistic approach, Hill’s will also inform owners about how to care for their dogs and what to expect at different stages of their development.

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