Karwani Karvani Caravan Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound (also known as Caravan Hound or Karvani dog) and Pashmi (the beautiful feathered variety of mudhol hound) are Indian dog breeds. Caravan Hound, Mudhol Hound, Karwani, Karvani are all different names for the same Indian dog breed.

Ancestors of the Mudhol Hound

Bedar tribes (known as fearless hunters) in and around Halagali (near Mudhol) in the Karnataka state in India bred various hounds for hunting. In the past, Hounds were also bred by Maratha warriors in Maharashtra, India, for hunting, guarding farms, guarding houses, and as loyal companion dogs. These hounds were the ancestors of today’s mudhol hound dog breed.

Beda tribe mudhol hounds
Mudhol Hounds from the Bedar tribe in Halagali
Mudhol hound_malojiraje ghorpade
Nanasaheb (center) is the savior of the Mudhol Hound.

Nanasaheb (Shrimant Raja Sir Meherban Malojirao Venkatrao Ghorpade 1884-1939), the King of Mudhol, selectively bred Mudhol Hounds to be slender and sleek dogs fit for hunting. King George V of England was impressed by these Indian hounds and named them the Hounds of Mudhol.

Mudhol Hounds on a chase
Mudhol Hounds – Speed & Stamina

Sight Hounds vs. Scent Hounds – the difference

Let us dig deeper into the characteristics of hound breeds. There are two types of hounds: Sight Hounds (those who hunt by sight) and Scent Hounds (follow a trail by scent). Scent hounds are bred for a heightened sniffing ability (e.g., Bloodhound is a scent hound). At the same time, sighthounds have excellent vision (bright oval eyes with a tapered non-obstructing muzzle for increased field of vision – about 270 degrees viewing angle).

Mudhol hound dog is a Sight Hound breed.

They hunt primarily by way of sight, speed and stamina. They have characteristic long legs, deep chest, and narrow waistline. Mudhol hound dogs specialize in pursuing their prey, keeping it in sight, and overpowering it with their speed, stamina, agility, and bite.

Mudhol Hound breed
Mudhol Hound
Pashmi_feathered mudhol hound
Pashmi – feathered variety of Mudhol hound

Mudhol Hound Size

Males should be about 26-28 inches (66-72 cm), and Mudhol Hound bitches maybe 24-26 inches (60-66 cm).

Mudhol Hound Temperament

The Karvani is serene and dignified with a royal air of aloofness. This breed’s temperament is suitable for hunting and guarding, where the dog is alert, courageous, loyal yet tolerant of other dogs in the pack.

Treat Mudhol Hounds with the respect they deserve and do not bother them. Strangers and kids should not dominate or touch the mudhol hound without his master’s supervision. Ill-treatment of mudhol hounds may result in undesired aggressive dogs who are unpredictable and difficult to control.

Karvanis have a strong inborn hunting drive, and aggressive Caravan hounds may attack and kill – causing undesirable violence.

Well raised and socialized Mudhol hounds will remain dignified, aloof, and tolerant to an extent.

All dogs raised with kids from an early age will be good with them, and Mudhol hounds are no exception.

Mudhol hound as a guard. Is this breed a good guard dog?

Yes, Mudhol Hounds are good, tough, low maintenance guard dogs ideal for hot tropical climates. They will perform well and can be left alone all day in a kennel. They can be set free to guard the premises of a yard, farm, or factory at night. However, they cannot be kept with other small animals/dogs as they possess a hunting instinct.

Are Mudhol Hounds aggressive?

Without an owner who takes control, Mudhol Hound dogs may become aggressive toward strangers, children, and other smaller pets. However, they get along well with these groups with an owner who has established themselves as the pack leader. Mudhol Hounds have a hunting instinct.

Mudhol Hound Dog Food Requirements

Feed a diet consisting of meat, bones, and high protein. You can leave some meat uncooked for actively hunting mudhol hound dogs.

Bedar tribal people feed Bhakari (bread made from Jowar or Bajri) with milk, half-cooked or raw meat (rats, rabbit, birds, chicken, peacock, duck, lamb, snake, etc.), and boiled rice.

For best performance on the field, you should feed smaller portions 3 to 4 times a day instead of larger portions 2 times a day. Do not let your mudhol dog run immediately after consuming food.

Exercise requirements: The Mudhol hound has great speed, stamina, and endurance coupled with strength. Sighting and running are some qualities at which the mudhol dog excels. Like all large sighthounds, the Karvani dog requires regular, safe, supervised exercise and access to a large running space.

Running: Caravan hounds should run at least 5km every day to retain a top physical form for hunting (about 2km every day to remain fit as a non-hunting pet/guard dog). Running uphill, down slopes, sprinting, jumping, and agility provides better and complete exercise for the mudhol hound than running at a steady pace on flat land.

Selecting Mudhol hound dogs for hunting

Dogs suitable for hunting should be comfortable working as a team in the pack. They should not be dog-aggressive. Mudhol hunting dogs should not be startled by loud sounds (gunshots). They should pause and fearlessly inquire after hearing loud noises.

Selecting good Mudhol hound puppies

To pick excellent and original Mudhol hound puppies, it is best to contact the Mudhol hound research center in Mudhol, Karnataka, and the Mudhol dog breeders association. They often have data on available puppies and contact info of Mudhol Hound breeders and farmers in the villages near Mudhol. A pair of Mudhol hounds costs about Rs.11,000 to Rs.12,000. Mudhol dog price may vary depending on their show worthiness. Many Mudhol hounds are also available for free adoption. While choosing a Mudhol Hound puppy, look for the following physical characteristics.
Hounds of MudholA pack of Mudhol Hounds make formidable hunting and guard dogs.

Mudhol Hounds need exercise

Mudhol Hound’s Head

Long and narrow. Skull moderately wide between the ears, not domed, stop not pronounced, the whole showing great quality. Nose black. Jaws deceptively weak looking yet powerful. Powerful teeth with a powerful scissors bite; eyes dark to hazel and bright; large and oval; ears hanging close to the skull.

Mudhol Hound hunting hareMudhol Hound’s General Appearance

The whole appearance of the mudhol hound breed should give an impression of grace and symmetry and great speed, stamina, and endurance coupled with strength and activity, enabling it to kill small/medium-sized quarry in harsh weather, rough terrain, and steep mountains. The expression should be dignified and gentle, with deep, faithful, far-seeing eyes and piercing gaze.

Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound
Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound
Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound
Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound, also called Karvani.
Brindle color Caravan Hound Mudhol Hound
Brindle colored Mudhol Hound.

Mudhol Hound’s Coat

Smooth and silky, very easy to maintain.

Mudhol Hound Colours

White, cream, fawn, golden, brown, brindle, tan, or any of the aforementioned colors with white or colored markings. Brindle Mudhol Hounds are considered desirable by some breeders.

Handsome Pashmi male
Handsome Pashmi male

Caravan Hound Mudhol Hound

Neck: Long, supple, and well-muscled.

Forequarters: Shoulders sloping and set well back, well-muscled without being coarse. Forelegs straight and long from the elbow to the knee.

Loin and Back: Back fairly long, muscles slightly arched over loin. Chest deep and moderately narrow. Rib-cage is moderately visible.

Hindquarters: Strong, hipbones set well apart and stifle moderately bent, hocks low to the ground, showing galloping and jumping power. Feet Of moderate length, toes long and well arched.

Tail: Long and sleek, set on low and carried naturally in a moderate curve.

Pashmi hound

Pashmi Hounds

Pashmi dog

Pashmi Hound (Feathered Variety of Mudhol hound): Should be the same except feathering on ears and tail for the Pashmi.

Mudhol Hound puppies

Mudhol Hound puppies

Mudhol Hound Stamp

Indian postal stamp (2005) with Mudhol Hound dog breed

How much do Mudhol Hounds cost?

Mudhol Hound Dog price varies by the dogs show worthiness. The prices range from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000, but the buyers say they are open to negotiation. Mahesh Dodamani, Head of the Mudhol Dog Research Centre at Timmapur village of Mudhol taluka, is happy that the native breed is gaining popularity.

Mudhol Hound Videos

Mudhol Hound, all the way from Karnataka, will be the first Indian breed to be recruited into the Army. After decades of being used by both royalty and peasants alike as hunting and guard dogs, these mighty hounds will be put to the test once again into the battlefields where they truly belong. Let’s get together and celebrate the revival of royalty through these glorious creatures.

Female Mudhol Hound had her first litter in Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka. Puppies are healthy & growing very fast.

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  1. Mudhol hounds are real hunting dog breed and fiercely loyal to their owners and can even attack strangers if they feel that the owner is in danger. The Mudhol Hound is one of the most healthy dogs to have around and do not have any particular health issues attached to it. The Mudhol hound is impossible to keep with smaller pets. He will chase and hunt them because of his hunting instinct.

  2. Mudhol Hound dogs have a top speed of about 65 kph. As Caravan Hounds, these dogs are known for their fitness and stamina. They can run for very long distances.

  3. Some people think Mudhol Hound is banned in India in some cities. But, No dog breed is banned in India although some of them should be banned.

  4. Mudhol Hound puppy costs about Rs. 10,000. There are many good breeders for Mudhol hound dogs. Some are in Lonavala and all over Maharashtra. But you will find more Mudhol hound breeders in Karnataka and there is also a government center for providing Mudhol hound breeding pairs to villagers. The mudhol hound comes in various colors and looks thin, rustic, and beautiful in a rather rugged way. Its eyesight is very powerful. The Honorable Prime minister of India Narendra Bhai Modi Ji also mentioned and praised the mudhol hound dog breed in one of his speeches Mann ki Baat.

  5. Indian Army is all set to induct its first Indian canine breed. Six Mudhol Hounds have been trained for guard duty in Jammu and Kashmir. First desi dog breed Mudhol Hound from Karnataka to serve Indian Army. Indian Army has been using foreign breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, and Great Swiss Mountain dogs. Now, the army is all set to induct an Indian canine breed which will be the first time when the Indian Army will do so. The Army’s Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) center in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has almost completed training six dogs of the desi breed Mudhol Hound. These Mudhol Hounds are likely to be inducted by the end of this year for guard duty and posted in Jammu and Kashmir. Six dogs have already been trained and they will soon be inducted into the Army at Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian canines were sent to the RVC center last year from Karnataka. These dogs have been undergoing rigorous training and an officer at the center said “This was a novel initiative since we had absolutely no research or documentation or past experiences on how to train the hounds.” “Initially, the dogs were kept in quarantine to check if they have any diseases. They then underwent basic obedience training and thereafter battle inoculation followed by specialized training. The most important aspect was building the bond between the trainer and the dog to understand the animal’s behavior as well as its ability”. The Mudhol Hound is also known as Caravan Hound. It is an Indian breed of dog of the sighthound type and the feathered variety is commonly referred to as a Pashmi. It is also called Karwani and it is a common pet amongst villagers in India’s Deccan Plateau, who use it for hunting and guarding.

  6. Training Mudhol hounds is difficult. Any sort of harshness can result in a Mudhol dog that is nervous or even aggressive, particularly if it occurs when they are young. If treated with gentleness, particularly at a young age, they will be a much easier dog to train and a much happier canine. It has a natural hunting instinct and will chase smaller animals.

  7. Hi my name is Rajesh Akkur and I work in Karnataka, India. I have a breeding pair of good Mudhol hounds and have sold 2 litters of about 7-8 puppies which were bred in my village home. Mudhol Hound, also known as ‘Caravan hound’, is an Indian dog breed that has similar features as the sighthounds. Known for their hunting and guarding skills, Mudhol Hounds are found in and around the Mudhol town of Karnataka. This dog occurs in several colors. Fawn, brown, brindle dogs with white markings are common. The Pashmi Hound has hairs on its ears and legs and looks like a Saluki. A sandalwood color with a rugged look is my favorite classic color in Mudhol hounds.

  8. Their strong tails are thin, low set and not too long. Mudhol Hounds carry their tails in a semi-curve, but not over their backs. When they are excited they may carry the tail horizontally. You will notice the tails between the legs in many dogs in dog shows when the Mudhol dogs are shy and a bit nervous.

  9. I want to buy high quality original Mudhol Hound and Pashmi hound puppies for breeding. Can you guide me where can I find Mudhol Hounds for sale in Karnataka? I searched and found Halgali and Karnataka Mudhol Hound centre by government but got no response after calling. I am ready to travel to Karnataka to buy puppies but if you can give some names of breeders or info. on where to find puppies for sale please? Are there mudhol hound centers in other states also?

  10. Prices differ a lot everywhere. I have seen some mudhol hound puppies being sold for as low as 2000 rupees while some breeders ask for 20000! Really, it all depends on marketing! and if the mudhol hound breeder shows his dogs.. the puppy you buy may not be show quality but if the breeder has won awards in some show, the price will be higher.

  11. The mudhol hound it seems is more aggressive towards smaller animals than it is towards other dogs and human strangers. Does it make a good guard dog. Can the mudhol hound be trained?

    1. As a hunting breed, the Caravan Hound has very high needs for exercise. This breed is capable of performing under even the most grueling conditions, so it has a great deal of strength and stamina. These dogs need a bare minimum of an hour of vigorous exercise per day and a fenced yard is preferred so they can get some additional exercise.

  12. The Caravan Hound is generally a quiet and peaceful dog that can do quite well in a family setting with proper training and socialization. Though it may be adaptable to an apartment or condo living with adequate exercise, it is better suited to a house with a fenced yard and a family who will give him plenty of exercise. These dogs can become quite loyal with family, though they are always likely to be wary around strangers – they do not like to be touched by unfamiliar people, a trait that makes them do well as a watchdog. These dogs are also at risk for becoming nervous or aggressive if they aren’t treated gently and with respect.

    The Caravan Hound is an intelligent and very trainable breed, though he tends to fare best with an experienced dog owner. These dogs have the stamina and strength to work for hours in even extreme conditions, so they can be strong-willed when they need to be. This can sometimes be a challenge and you should expect your dog to have a will of his own at times. When treated fairly, however, this breed can be quite loyal and protective of his family and his territory.

      1. It is danger for smaller animals.. they have keen hunting instinct and will chase anything that moves. They are fast and will kill small animals.

  13. Good show quality mudhol hound puppies from a good breeder cost around Rs.15000 in big cities like mumbai, bangalore, delhi, chennai, pune..

  14. Mudhol Hounds are overall good dogs to have as pets, exhibiting loyalty to their owners and genuinely friendly and curious attitudes. The pashmi variety looks very elegant.. beautiful.

  15. Mudhol hound looks so cool and slim.. can see ribs.. if dogs had six pack abs concept like humans.. these hounds would be models in the dog world!

  16. I have a great friend who breeds muhol hounds near Satara in Maharashtra. His dogs are very well behaved and graceful in the presence of guests and visitors. Also, during dog shows they are a bit shy but carry themselves very well. While not hunting, they can be good companion dogs I feel. Don’t keep them with other small pets.. ducks, hens..if they are not raised together.. they have a strong hunting instinct.

  17. Is it feasible to keep Indian dog breeds such as Mudhol Hound as pets in an apartment?

    These dogs are sight hounds and have been used for hunting and guarding purposes in the past. Why would you wants breeds like Mudhol or caravan in your apartment? What would be the purpose of keeping them confined to an apartment for majority of their life?

    Frankly speaking, these days even keeping once popular breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherd is becoming difficult due to space constraints and the size and level of activity needed by these breeds. Add to that problems faced by pet owners from the housing society committees, neighbors, small dog owners, the municipal corporations etc

    Be logical, think things through before you get any dog. Maybe speak to pet parents and trainers/pet shop owners in your locality and then decide.

  18. Mudhol Hound, the Indian dog breed being eyed by central para-military forces for their canine squads, has not been found to be an ideal police working dog breed in trials ordered by the home ministry.

    As per conclusions of field trials of the breed conducted by ITBP and SSB on the directions of MHA’s Police K9 cell, Mudhol Hound, though loyal, agile and healthy, is essentially a sight-hound breed with a nervous temperament that tends to get easily distracted by the presence of any moving object, preferring to chase it rather than concentrating on following scent, a key requirement for any police dog.

    “This breed doesn’t fulfil the requirement of a police dog due to its temperament and poor trainability,” was the conclusion drawn by ITBP and SSB experts and submitted to the MHA police K9 cell, which is said to have shared it further with the PMO.

  19. Some interesting findings from Mudhol Hound trials – recorded by Assistant Commandant (vet) Pankaj Kumar Teotia from SSB’s Dog Training and Breeding Centre, Alwar and Commandant (vet) Pankaj Kumar from ITBP headquarters in an article published in National Police K9 Journal released in January 2021 — that the Mudhol hound dog breed has the tendency to forget past training and tends to run away if kept off-leash during training/practice.

    ITBP and SSB had inducted 8 Mudhol Hound puppies in 2018 and after giving them basic obedience and training in detection of explosives and narcotics, deployed them in the anti-Naxal grid in Chhattisgarh and on the Indo-Nepal border.

    After studying the behaviour, performance and utility of the Mudhol breed in the field, it was found that the Mudhol Hound is hard to be trained, has less grasping power, is temperamental and always in a hunting mood and essentially a one-man dog who does not take well to strangers, which makes the breed unreliable for police duties.

    Also, due to its long and narrow head, it can easily remove the neck collar and escape from the handler’s control.

    The Mudhol hound breed has its positive traits too. It is loyal to the master, easy to groom; low maintenance; resistant to most diseases; adaptable to hot climate and has the stamina to run long distances.

  20. The Pashmi Hound, also referred to as the feathered variety of the Mudhol Hound, is indeed a sight hound breed from India. These dogs are known for their agility, grace, and speed. They are similar to the Mudhol Hound but are distinguished by their silky feathering on the ears, legs, back of the thighs, and tail. This feathering gives them a more elegant appearance compared to the smooth-coated variety.

    The Pashmi Hound is believed to have Persian origins, and they were traditionally used by royals and nobles for hunting small game due to their keen sight and swift movement. This breed is quite rare and efforts have been made to preserve its lineage.

    Both the feathered Pashmi and the smooth-coated Mudhol Hound are recognized by the Kennel Club of India and efforts are in place to get these breeds international recognition as well. They are highly valued for their endurance, loyalty, and hunting capabilities.

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