Best Apartment Dogs

Best Apartment Dogs

Apartment dogs should eat less, poop less, shed less (hypoallergenic), bark less (not bark unnecessarily), watch/guard apartments and apartment dwellers, be a healthy dog breed, be good with kids, need less exercise, etc. Last but not the least, they should be fun to own!

#1 Apartment dog (Lhasa Apso)

Best apartment dog Lhasa-Apso

Lhasa – best apartment dog

In our opinion, the Lhasa Apso is the best apartment dog. The Lhasa sheds less (hypoallergenic), eats less, poops less, is an amazing watch dog (he will hear sounds that humans are simply incapable of hearing), does not bark constantly without reason, is smart, protective and possesses common sense (which is very uncommon!). After a while, you will feel this dog breed understands human language! Kids will need to behave (not torture the dog) or the Lhasa will make them behave. Strangers will not be able to enter freely into the apartment and smother the Lhasa or take him for granted. This dog breed will be highly alert, a bit aloof, dignified and very protective of his home, owner and family. This dog is not a vanilla breed – the Lhasa has a personality and respects himself. You can train the Lhasa a little, however, once fully grown, the Lhasa will behave as if he has been trained (even without training) and understands how to behave in different situations. Each Lhasa will closely mirror his owner’s personality – if the owner is friendly, the Lhasa is a bit friendly, if the owner is aggressive, the Lhasa bites! The Lhasa’s long coat will get tangled and develop matts. However, inspite of having long hair, the Lhasa does not shed much and you can cut the hair short in a cute puppy cut.

#2 Apartment dog (Dachshund)

Second best apartment dog Dachshund

Dachshund – top apartment dog

The Smooth Dachshund is our second choice in the best apartment dogs list. He is the best watch dog, high energy healthy hound, a comedian with family members and immense fun to own. The dachshund is a watchdog merely due to his small size. Otherwise, he is a big guard dog by personality. The dachshund would challenge an intruder fearlessly without backing off. The Dachshund too, like the Lhasa, has common sense (but a little less than the Lhasa) and a personality of his own. Assuming you are not a ringmaster in a circus, you simply cannot train the Dachshund to obey commands. He will not listen to you even when you tell him to do something he loves to do! However, when left to himself, he may behave well, have lots of fun with the family, entertain everyone, watch and protect the family and fiercely guard the apartment. Also, the Dachshund’s smooth coat is very easy to maintain and by the virtue of his size (especially the miniature smooth dachshund) eats less, poops less and is an ideal apartment dog.

#3 Apartment dogs

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie – toy dog for apartments

The Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese are our third choice in the best apartment dogs list. The Yorkie, as well as the maltese, eat lesser, poop lesser (than most other dog breeds including the #1 and #2 above), shed less (both are hypoallergenic), is very smart (Yorkie), very trainable(Yorkie) and silky smooth (Yorkie & Maltese). The Yorkie is a watchdog, will bark at strangers, but will sometimes bark unnecessarily and continuously, which can be quite irritating. The maltese is very mild mannered, affectionate little dog, which constantly needs your tender loving care. It is probably the mildest, safest small dog to have in an apartment for a family with kids. However, you may feel sorry for the dog if the kids keep bullying him.


maltese apartment dogs

Maltese – little apartment dog

The Yorkshire terrier as well as the Maltese, are very very small apartment dogs (they look almost like a big tall mouse when the hair is cut short). Sometimes, owning such a little dog could be a bit embarrassing for some people. However, for some, a cute little dog (almost like a soft toy) would be ideal as an apartment dog. Therefore, these two breeds tie for third place as best apartment dogs.

Other good apartment dogs ?

Some other dogs you may consider keeping in an apartment:

Shih Tzu

Shih TzuShih Tzu as an apartment dog: Great companion. Looks like a Lhasa but has a milder temperament, less common sense, less courage, mild personality. Better with kids. Will not watch/guard the apartment.



Chihuahua as an apartment dog: Smallest dog, little terrier. Often irritated, barking, suffers from small dog syndrome (because of its size) and may snap if teased.



Beaver Pomeranians

Pomeranian as an apartment dog: Eats less, poops less but sheds a lot and barks a lot, continuously!



Pug apartment dogs

Pug as an apartment dog: This cute looking little dog breed looks like they ran into a wall. They will entertain your family and kids. However, they do have a problem breathing and related health issues which includes snoring, indigestion (gas,bloat), farting, etc. They also shed a lot and will not watch/guard.

Toy Poodle

Tea cup poodle apartment dog

Toy / Tea cup poodles as apartment dogs: Poodles are very smart, very trainable, least shedding, hypoallergenic dog breeds. They can be a good choice as apartment pet dogs. However, they do bark a lot unnecessarily and that can be quite irritating. Also, it is important to choose a toy poodle carefully as breeders have tried to miniaturize the toy poodle / tea cup poodle so much that many puppies are born weak and struggle for survival as unhealthy adults.


Bulldog as apartment dogsBulldog as an apartment dog: Bulldogs can make good, lazy, useless apartment dogs who will sleep all day and all night! They have many health issues, some of which arise from breathing problems. They cannot tolerate hot weather and will often need an air conditioner. They will eat, shit, fart, sleep and snore. However, they look awesome and irresistible so if you love them, get one.


Beagle as apartment pet dog

Beagle as apartment pet dog: The beagle is not the best choice for an apartment dog. It barks (howls) loudly, and a lot, they prefer to go hunting in groups not sit at home alone and watch TV! However, if you jog a lot (about 5kms daily), this may be a good choice for you as an apartment dog.


Labrador Retrievers

Labrador as an apartment dog: Please do not keep big dogs in apartments. Labradors need lot of exercise. If you do not exercise them enough, they will grow fat and ugly, start smelling bad, snore and fart. They also shed a lot.


Big Dogs in an apartment: Please do not keep big dogs in apartments. No matter how much you love them or care for them, they do need lots of space. They do need to eat lots of food and make huge pyramids with their poop. Big dogs kept in apartments often turn destructive. They dig, chew, destroy, bite.. this may be funny for some people, but the poor dogs, they live an unhappy, frustrated life. Please say NO to big dogs in apartments.

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  1. When was this written? Don’t keep big dogs in apartments? A greyhound is a perfect apartment dog. Also, the owner exercises a dog outside the apartment. That’s part of the deal. You seem
    To be insinuating that the dogs ability to roam is somehow a form of exercise and freedom. Every dog I’ve had has usually been on one of three rooms.

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