Best Dogs for Kids

Every kid needs a dog and a mom willing to let him have one.

Dogs can be good for kids. Dogs are a source of unconditional love and can help teach responsibility, co-operation and sharing. When choosing a dog for your family with kids, consider your lifestyle and the ages of family members. Some dog breeds have infinite patience, some can play endlessly and some are naturally protective of children. While most dogs are good with children, some breeds are genetically predisposed to be ideal for kids as companions.

We have listed some dog breeds which are naturally ideal for kids. While choosing a breed, please remember – kids aren’t always as gentle as they should be, so you need a dog that will be patient and resilient. This is for both your child’s safety and your dog’s happiness.

#1 Boxer

Boxer Family best breed for kids

One of the Boxers’ most distinctive qualities is its love for children. In our opinion, Boxers are the best dogs for children of all ages. They are a people oriented breed and prefer to have their pack close by. Energetic and affectionate, the Boxer needs to have lots of exercise and playful interaction. They also have a short coat that kids cannot pull on.

#2 Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers good breed for children

This eager to please breed is bouncy and enjoys playing with family. Labs love to swim and frolic in the water or on the land. One of the best dogs for children of all ages, Labrador Retrievers are kindly, good-natured, patient, and take most things in stride. They have a steady, reliable personality. They also have a short coat that kids cannot pull on.

#3 Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever for family with kids

The Golden Retriever consistently tops the list of most popular family pets. With its easygoing temperament and fondness for children, this breed often forms remarkable bonds with its young human pack mates. Kids can pull on their long coat, but most Golden Retrievers will tolerate and forgive this.

#4 Beagle


Beagles are great as a family dogs. They are good with children and other pets. Beagles fit well in homes with active kids, as they are sturdily built and never too tired to play a game.

#5 Newfoundland

Newfoundland puppy

Don’t let their size be intimidating, these gentle giants are wonderful dogs for families with children. Newfies love kids and will be very patient with them. Referred to as a workhorse, this dog would love nothing more than to pull around the kiddos in a sled on the snow. Nana from the story of Peter Pan was a Newfie.

#6 Bichon Frise

bichon frise

Gentle-mannered, sensitive, very playful and affectionate, the Bichon Frise is good with children and other pets. They are also a non-shedding breed and well suited for apartment living.

#7 Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a wonderful family pet. He gets along with other dogs or animals, and his docile personality makes him a good companion for children. Kids should sit on the floor to play with a Shih Tzu puppy, however, so there is no risk of carrying and dropping him. Also, kids can pull long hair easily which can be quite painful for any long haired breed of dog.

#8 Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards

Saint is gentle and patient with children if not necessarily playful. He’s great to snuggle with while reading or watching television, but he can be a bit much for younger children, accidentally knocking them over with a swipe of his tail.

#9 Boston Terrier

Black Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier’s small size and lively, affectionate nature make him a great family pet and companion. They love children and amuse people of all ages.

#10 Mastiff

Mastiff - Old english mastiff

The Old English Mastiff is normally great with children. He seems to understand that they are puppies and treats them gently. He is both patient and protective. If the mastiff is raised with children, they are wonderful with children.

#11 Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Image

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is extremely tolerant and an excellent companion for children of all ages.

#12 Bullmastiff


Bullmastiffs do very well with children and show amazing patience with them. Almost all Bullmastiffs are good with children if they are brought up together.

#13 Dalmatian

dogs good with children

Dalmatians are intelligent, playful, active, protective, gentle, social and relatively non-aggressive. They’re patient and generally good with children.

#14 Great Dane


Great Dane is a sweet, affectionate pet. He loves to play and is gentle with children. Great Danes seem to have an innate love for kids.

#15 Dogue De Bordeaux


If an owner can get past the drooling nature of this lovable breed, the Dogue de Bordeaux sports a calm temperament, is loyal to its pack and affectionate to a fault. Gentle with the children, this French Mastiff will also be protective of the family it loves.

#15 Bulldog

Bulldog (English-Bulldog)

Bulldog is generally patient, lazy breed of dog. They are good with kids too. However, bulldogs are quite possessive about their food and can be stubborn at times. They have breathing problems due to the shape of their noses and are not very hygienic.

#16 French Bulldog


French Bulldog does well with children. French Bulldogs make wonderful watchdogs, but they can become territorial.

Almost all dog breeds are capable of being good with children when they are raised in a family with kids. Have a great time exploring all dog breeds and good luck with finding the right breed for your children.

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