Poochin designer dog breed


Poochin is a designer dog breed made by crossing Poodles with Japanese Chin. This breed is also known as Chinpoo, Doodlechin or Chindoodle.

Poochin Size

Poochins vary considerably in size, but the smaller they are the better, provided type and quality are not sacrificed. Can be anywhere from about 10 inches in height to 15 inches depending on the parent (F1 or purebred) and toy poodle or miniature poodle if purebred. Weight: About 6 to 13 pounds (3 to 6 kg).

Poochin Temperament

Loving and quiet dog but loves to play and will be a joy to have. Poochin is a good companion toy dog type designer breed. Inside the home, the Poochin is known for his intelligence, his lively, mischievous sense of humor, and his willingness to please. The Poochin is a people-oriented breed that refuses to be ignored.

Poochin designer dog

Poochin designer dog

General Appearance: That of a lively little dog with smart, dainty appearance, compact carriage. The Poochin is an active, intelligent, smart and elegant-looking designer dog.

Coat: Coat profuse, long, straight, rather silky. It should be absolutely free from wave or curl, and not lie too flat, but have a tendency to stand out, especially at the neck, so as to give a thick mane or ruff, which with profuse feathering on thighs and tail gives a very showy appearance.

Poochin puppies

Is the Poochin Hypoallergenic?

This designer breed sheds very less and many are dander free. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic and this is also true with the Poochin. However, Poochins may shed some hair if they are kept in warm sunny weather. Grooming a Poochin regularly and brushing off excess hair will help reduce shedding.

Poochin Colors

Poochins are typically either black and white or red and white, i.e., particoloured. The term red includes all shades of sable, brindle, lemon and orange. Some Poochins inherit more color from the poodle and they can be any solid color.

Poochin pups solid color

Picking a good Poochin puppy

Searching for physical confirmations will help you in picking up a good Poochin puppy. However, remember that this is a designer dog and a unique mix of characteristics can be observed in each designer breed. No two designer dogs are alike! Look for the following physical characteristics.

Head: Should be large for the size of the dog, with broad skull, rounded in front.

Neck: Should be short and moderately thick.

Forequarters: The bones of the legs should be small, giving them a slender appearance, and they should be well feathered.

Body: Should be squarely and compactly built, wide in the chest, cobby in shape. The length of the dog’s body should be about its height.

Hindquarters: Feet small and shaped somewhat long; the dog stands up on its toes somewhat. If feathered, the tufts should never increase in width of the foot, but only its length a trifle.

Tail: Must be well twisted to either right or left from root and carried up over back and flow on opposite side.

Gait: Poochin designer dogs should be essentially stylish in movement, lifting the feet high when in action.

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