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Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund is a typical Spitz dog from Norway of under middle size, lightly built, with a short, compact body, fairly smooth-lying coat, erect, pointed ears, tail carried curled over the back, and with a courageous, energetic character.

Head: Size in proportion to the body, wedge-shaped, lean, not too heavy. Skull almost flat; the stop is well defined but should not be too pronounced. Muzzle is rather short, tapering evenly towards the nose, which is black; bridge is straight; lips tightly closed. The male and female sex must be clearly defined. Eyes: Colour as dark as possible, harmonizing with the colour of the coat. Ears: Pointed; size and shape in harmony with the head; height somewhat greater than width at the base; carried strongly erect. Mouth: Scissors Bite.

Neck: Lean, comparatively short, good carriage.

Forelegs: Moderately angulated at the shoulder, harmonizing with type; well-set elbows, legs are straight, lean and with good bone, not coarse although this is preferred to too fine. Feet are oval in shape and compact.

Body: Deep chest with well-sprung ribs; strong, straight back and loins. Arch of coupling should harmonize with type. Length of body equal to height at the withers.

Hindquarters: Moderate angulation; powerful; good muscle and bone; oval, compact feet; dewclaws may be removed.

Tail: Well furred, set high, tightly curled, not carried too much on one side.

Coat: Outer coat: Thick, rich and hard, but rather smooth-lying. Undercoat: Soft, dense, woolly. On head and front of legs the coat is comparatively short, on neck and chest it is longer.

Norwegian Buhund Colours:

Norwegian Buhund colours

Norwegian Buhund – Black & Wheaten

Black: Preferably self-coloured, but with a white blaze and white markings on chest, narrow ring on neck and white on legs are permissible. The white markings should not, however, disturb the overall impression.

Wheaten (Biscuit): Ranging from light to yellowish red, with or without dark tipped hairs; mask permitted but should otherwise be self-coloured.

Size: Height at the withers: Males: 17-18.5 inches (43-47 cm). Bitches: 16-18 inches (41-45 cm). Weight: Males: 31-40 lbs. (14-18 kg). Bitches: 26-35 lbs. (12-16 kg).

Faults: Too fine, too coarse, nervous, liver coloured nose, light eyes, not strongly erect ears, anything but scissors bite, poorly curled tail, wavy or too long. coat, any colour but the ones mentioned above.

Norwegian Buhund puppy

Norwegian Buhund puppy

Link: Norwegian Buhund club USA ; UK