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Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel was known principally in Wales and the west of England for hundreds of years. Initially called the Welsh Cocker, the breed was renamed Welsh Springer Spaniel in 1902. Spaniels were described in Wales as early as the 10th century AD. While the entire spaniel tribe probably derived from the common stock of land spaniels, the Welsh Springer is the type that has most closely retained the appearance of the red-and-white spaniels depicted in paintings and tapestries since the Renaissance.

With his loyal and affectionate disposition, the Welsh Springer is a devoted family member. The Welsh Springer Spaniel announces visitors so makes a good watchdog, but is gentle with children and other animals.

General Appearance: Symmetrical, compact, strong, merry, very active dog; not sluggish, obviously built for endurance and activity.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Image

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Size: Approximate Height: Dogs 19 inches (48 cm) at withers; Bitches 18 inches (46 cm) at withers. Weight: Should be 35-45 lb. (16-20 kg).

Coat and Colour: Straight or flat and thick, of a silky texture, never wiry or wavy. A curly coat is most objectionable. Rich red and white only.

Head: A short, chubby head is objectionable. Skull proportionate, of moderate length, slightly domed, clearly defined stop, well chiseled below the eyes. Muzzle: medium length, straight, fairly square; the nostrils well developed, and either flesh coloured, liver, or black acceptable. Jaw strong, neither undershot nor overshot. Eyes hazel, or dark, medium size, not prominent, nor sunken, nor showing haw. Ears set moderately low and hanging close to the cheeks, comparatively small and gradually narrowing towards the tip, covered with nice Setter-like feathering. While the length of feathering on the ears is of little consequence, the leather must be small.

Neck: Long and muscular, clean in throat, neatly set into long and sloping shoulders.

Forelegs: Medium length, straight, well boned, moderately feathered.

Body: Not long; strong and muscular with deep brisket, well-sprung ribs; length of body should be proportionate to length of leg and very well balanced; with muscular loin slightly arched and well coupled up.

Hindquarters: Strong and muscular, wide and fully developed with thick and muscular second thighs. Hind legs: Hocks well let down; stifles moderately bent (neither twisted in nor out), moderately feathered.

Feet: Round with thick pads, firm and cat-like, not too large or spreading.

Tail: Well set on and low, never carried above the level of the back, lightly feathered and with lively action.

Faults: Coarse skull, light bone, curly coat, loaded or poorly angulated shoulders, stilted movement.

Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies

Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies

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