Japanese Spitz dog breed

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz dog breed bears a remarkable physical resemblance to the Samoyed. However, it is considerably smaller in size. Although white Spitz-like dogs were known in Japan from about 1900, the Japanese Spitz dog breed did not  become established until after World War II. Bearing  The British Kennel Club recognised the breed in 1977, establishing it in that country as well. It is still rather rare on this continent.

Samoyed with Japanese Spitz

Image: Difference between a Samoyed (left) and Japanese Spitz (right)

Japanese Spitz Temperament: The breed is known to be lively, affectionate and intelligent.

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

General Appearance: Covered with profuse clear white long hair, with a pointed muzzle, triangular pricked ears feathering tail over back. The confirmation tough and flexible, and both forequarters and hindquarters well proportioned. An overall appearance noble and in harmony with balance and beauty. The ideal ratio of height at withers to length of the body is 10:11.

Japanese Spitz Temperament: This dog breed is intelligent, cheerful and courageous. The Japanese Spitz is keen in sense and a very alert dog breed.

Size: Height: Dogs 12 inches (30 cm). There is a tolerance of 1 inch (3 cm) shorter or taller. Bitches slightly smaller than dogs.

Japanese Spitz head

Head: Moderately sized in harmony with body and without coarseness. The skull moderately broad and round, and rear part broadest. The stop defined, cheeks rounded, but forehead not too raised. The muzzle pointed, not thick, not too long, and well balanced with skull. The lips tight and preferably black. The nose, small, round and black. The teeth white and strong with a scissors bite. Eyes moderately large, almond-shaped, set slightly oblique, and not too apart, dark in color. Black eye rims desirable. Ears set on high, small, triangular, pricked, facing forward, and distance between ears is moderately narrow.

Neck: moderately long; muscular.

Japanese Spitz in action

Japanese Spitz in action

Body: The withers high, back straight and short. The loins broad, and croup slightly arched. The chest wide and deep, ribs well sprung. The belly moderately drawn up.

Tail: Set on high, moderately long, carried over back.

Forequarters and Hindquarters: The shoulders well sloping, and forearms straight. The elbows set close to the body, and pasterns slightly inclining. The hind legs are muscular, and joints of stifle and hock moderately bent. The rear pasterns vertical, and hind legs parallel when viewed from behind.

Feet: Small, round tightly closed and cat feet. The pads thick and dark in color. The nails hard and black or dark color desirable.

Gait: Light and active. The smooth movement desirable.

Coat: The outer straight and standoff. Undercoat short, soft and dense. On face, ears, front of forearms and from hind feet to hocks are short haired, and body covered with abundant long hair. Neck, shoulders, fore chest are covered with mane and frill. The tail has profuse feathering.

Colour: White

Japanese Spitz in snow

Major Faults: Monorchid, cryptorchid. Not pricked ears, not curled tail. Extreme overshot or undershot.

Minor Faults: Too short coat.

Japanese Spitz puppies

Japanese Spitz puppies

Links: Japanese Spitz clubs UK; USA; Japan

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