Feeding Stray Street Dogs FAQs

Should we feed street dogs?

Naturally, since they are stray, they have to hunt food to survive. After feeding them, they will feel there is no need to start hunting since this human is willing to give food to them. You should be fine if you wish to feed them, but don’t make it a habit.

What happens when you feed a stray dog?

When you feed a stray dog, you have helped him survive for a little while longer. Stray dogs go DAYS, WEEKS AND EVEN MONTHS without food or water. They have to suffer the intense heat of the streets or the freezing cold weather, without a home, shelter or even a kind heart to help them in ANY WAY.

Can I pet stray dogs?

Most stray dogs are either very scared or to some degree feral. If you approach them they will probably either run away or challenge you (growl, bark, or show teeth). If the dog has a collar and tags, and if the dog will allow you to hold his collar, try to find an owner’s name and phone number so you can call them.

Can stray dogs drink milk?

Milk should be given to dogs as a last resort. Diluting it with a lot of water will make it safer for street dogs to be able to digest. Grocery stores can be approached for milk that is close to its expiry.

Do stray dogs eat bread?

Most dogs like bread products, but some seem to have trouble digesting wheat.


Why you should not feed stray dogs?

The uneaten leftovers attract flies and, in some cases, maggots, all ideal vectors for diseases, say health authorities. Another issue bothering the public is the smell of animal excreta where strays are known to congregate because whatever goes in, must eventually come out.

How do you give a stray street dog a bath?

Use lukewarm water and start to bathe the dog when the sun is out. Dog shampoo can be used and rinse the body of the dog gently and pour the water. Dry the fur using a soft cloth. Then try to put a very little amount of water on its face and clean it gently with shampoo.

Can I touch a stray dog?

Yes, it is totally safe to touch stray dogs. But follow certain protocols. Wagging tail means a dog is happy or it lokes you. Always approach an unknown dog from sideways and do not touch its head. Important

Note: During the Covid19 pandemic, please follow all rules – BEWARE – Coronavirus, and Pets – Covid19 and dogs.

What happens to dogs during a pandemic?

According to the CDC, dogs, and cats cannot contract the human coronavirus (COVID-19). While each species has its own coronavirus, people cannot get the pet version, and pets cannot contract the human version. As long as everyone in the household is healthy, having pets close to us can bring us all comfort. 

What happens to stray dogs during COVID-19?

These are challenging times for all of us. There are so many unknowns about the risk of COVID-19 and how this may affect us all. Stray street dogs will be suffering and hungry during these times. They will have to discover new sources for food and water.

Stray Street dog puppies for adoption
Stray Street dog puppies can be loyal friends too!

Do puppies adopted from a stray dog need vaccinations?

Yes! All puppies need vaccinations. Follow the schedule below:

Vaccinations schedule


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