picking the best puppy

How to pick the best puppy

Definition of ‘the best puppy‘ depends on your requirements. Your expectations from a puppy can be broadly categorized as follows:

  1. Confirmation for show or breeding
  2. Obedience
  3. Racing, hunting, guard dog
  4. Homely Pet

Although it is tempting to look for all these quality in the one puppy you are planning to buy, it is almost never possible to find all qualities in a single pup.

show quality puppy

Picking the best puppy for showing

If you want the puppy to grow up to be a champion, you should look for confirmation to breed standards. Physical construction, head, proportions, bite, etc are all a priority over temperament.

Selecting best puppies

Picking the most obedient puppy

If you are looking to pick a puppy with maximum obedience potential, physical construction is not the priority. Pick the puppy which makes the most eye-contact. This puppy will be the most active and willing to please.

Picking the right puppy

Best pup for Racing or Hunting

Look for the fearless and adventurous puppy. The pup should respond to loud noises by looking, pausing and then inquiring without being afraid of the consequences.

Choosing a puppy

Best puppy for family pet dog

Pick the puppy which will play with kids. The puppy that rolls on his back and gets his belly rubbed is often the best as a home pet. This is a submissive puppy.

Dogs that excel in one area may come up short in another.

What is the pick of the litter puppy?

While providing stud service from their top dogs, dog breeders often ask for ‘pick of the litter’ puppy from each other. Some breeders may offer ‘pick of the litter’ pup at a special premium price.

If you are ever offered pick of the litter the first thing to do is define what attributes (from the 4 mentioned above) are important to you, and then go ahead and pick the puppy that you think is the best puppy.

pick of the litter - puppies

Physical confirmation, temperament, and all other information needed to select each type of puppy of a particular breed can be found on each dog breed’s respective profile page.

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