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Human Puppies – we dress like dogs!

Tom, or ‘Spot’ as he enjoys to be called, is a human puppy!

Human puppy or Human puppies are men and women who like to dress up as they are dogs or puppies!

Do human puppies get together in the park to play? There are human puppy communities and they all get together in the park to play ball. Some even fight with each other. Some human puppies are not as friendly as others and if you dare tease them, they may not think twice before digging their teeth into your juicy buttocks!

How do human puppies attend to nature calls!? Interesting question!.. it depends on the role we are in and the level of detail our costume allows.

Human Puppies Men dress like dogs

This peculiar subculture of role play was first developed as a fetish, but has now mellowed considerably from its BDSM origins and become a way of life for many men and women around the world.

Tom sleeps in a dog crate to really feel like a dog 🙂 isn’t that sweet?

Tom’s first ‘outfit’ consisted of nothing but a lead and collar. He now has several full dog fetish costumes.

Spot with his girlfriend

Tom (Spot) with his girlfriend

Tom, who was recently crowned Mr. Puppy UK for his canine efforts, is just one of the several ‘dogs’ featured on tonight’s show. He encourages more people to abandon their humanity – and be more dog.

 “It’s an incredibly peaceful experience,” claims the 32-year old from behind the latex mask. “You can escape from the hectic life of the human race and really be happy.

 “There is a lot of love and care in the community, and I think that is something that is quite often lost in day-to-day life when people are focusing on deadlines and such like.

UKC registered human pup

Good dog. LOL!

“Being a dog is a chance to relax, to unwind, and just be happy and playful – things most adults have very little time in the day to do. But I don’t do this all the time, I probably spend about a day a week as a puppy – but not all at once. Sometimes it may just be five minutes, and at other times it will be an hour or longer.”

Tom, who also helps new ‘pups’ adapt to their canine lives, has many different versions of his Dalmatian costume; which one he dons depends on where he’s going or what he’s doing. One, a simple, inexpensive outfit, is used when he wants to run around outdoors.

“You can find such enjoyment in simple things – such as getting tennis balls thrown at you! And treats! My pup side doesn’t tend to get me in trouble, but sometimes when I’m in a pet store I can get odd looks from the staff when they see how excited I get over the chew toys.

“But while there are those who clearly don’t understand my motivation,” Tom continues, “I feel as if my pup life is always growing stronger. And the nice thing is that many people – more than you may think are very accepting of it, which has helped my confidence no end.”

Others are following in his footsteps…

Human Puppy pepper

Pepper the pup, a 23-year-old bitch from Ashford, Kent.

human puppies dress like dogs

Human Puppies

human pups man dressed like a dog

This shit is so crazy, we love it. Can’t wait to take this to an entirely new level!

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  1. Hi my names Katrina and my puppy play name is sexy ears. Im new to puppy play and would like to know more about it. ?

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