French Bulldog in Skoda Superb

Best cars for dog owners

Many households all around the world own a dog. When it comes to choosing a new car, it pays for dog owners to consider their pooch. Some car manufacturers offer a range of pet-friendly accessories as well as features that will help keep your dog happy. We’ve rounded up our favorite cars for dogs and dog owners.

Land Rover Discovery – Great ride + ideal dog vehicle

Best dog car

Land Rover offers a range of accessories for dogs, including partitions to separate dogs from luggage and passengers, and a range of boot liners to stop the carpet from getting too dirty.

Skoda Superb Estate – the perfect dog owner’s carPerfect Dog Car Superb

The Skoda Superb Estate is a great all-rounder that offers something for everyone. The high-quality interior and heaps of standard equipment are enough to keep most people happy, and there’s a wide range of diesel and petrol engines to choose from.

Skoda Superb dog grille

French Bulldog in Skoda Superb

In terms of dog-friendly features, the enormous boot is a bonus for starters, but Skoda also offers a dog safety range. This includes a doggy seatbelt adapter, a backseat hammock, dog guard, luggage compartment divider and a protective liner for the boot. These features are available on most Skoda models, but the Superb Estate’s large rear space and low boot floor make it our top pick for dog lovers.

VW Tiguan – model with a pet package

volkswagen-tiguan-for dogs

The VW Tiguan’s chunky styling and an upmarket cabin set it apart from more mainstream rivals. It can get a bit pricey if you raid the options list or opt for the attractive R-Line range-topping model, but there are some handy options to chose from if you’re a dog owner.

VW Tiguan pet package

Most important is the pet package, including a partition grille between the cabin and boot, a liner for the load area and a protective film over the rear bumper to prevent it getting scratched. Volkswagen also offers something called ‘App-Connect Cam-Connect’ that links the car’s infotainment screen with a GoPro camera, taking and transmitting pictures of rear seat occupants or pooches in the boot.

Subaru Outback – more boot more dogs!

The Subaru Outback promises excellent reliability and proven off-road ability. Many models will come with a 2.0-litre diesel engine returning reasonable fuel economy mated to the firm’s signature all-wheel-drive system.

Best dog cars subaru outback

Many dog owners love the Outback thanks to a boot that’s well shaped and large enough for two big dogs to travel in comfort. Despite the Outback’s off-road abilities, the ride height is still low enough for medium to large dogs to hop in without too much difficulty. Tinted windows are also standard in many models, keeping pets cool on hot summer road trips.

It’s often said that dogs are man’s best friend. With the proper equipment and with planning, there’s no reason to leave your best friend behind when you hit the road.

Be careful, be safe – and have fun!

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