Tibetan Mastiff relaxed

Tibetan Mastiff dog on guard

Tibetan Mastiff dog breed is serious and dignified, calm and quiet, unless provoked. Aloof with strangers, the TMs will remain watchful every moment they are on their territory. This breed is typically patient with children and other family pets, but requires introduction to those outside the family.

In the pictures that follow – a Tibetan Mastiff is on duty as a guard dog and rips apart a pigeon. Viewer discretion advised.

Tibetan Mastiff on guard

The Tibetan Mastiff is guarding the gate. He lies down to rest as he feels confident there are no intruders on his property. Check out the beautiful design created by sun rays passing through the gate.

Tibetan Mastiff at ease

TM time to be alert – Someone/Something is at the gate – What is it?

Tibetan Mastiff alert

Is it outside the gate?????

Tibetan Mastiff alerted

Or is it on the inside!??? Well, I don’t care much if it is on the outside, its time to take a look inside.

Tibetan Mastiff alerted

Why are you taking so many photos? I’m just doing my job!

Tibetan Mastiff up close pic

Seriously? More photos??

Tibetan Mastiff shadow

Ok! Here is a cute pose for you master, click me and be happy!

Tibetan Mastiff

Now, rub my belly please.

Tibetan Mastiff playing

I’m happy you are happy. Be happy!

Tibetan Mastiff jaw

Oh wait! I see something moving…

Tibetan Mastiff in action

Time to check it out, let’s go.

Tibetan Mastiff Gait

Look what I found. This bird was sitting on my land. Territory first.

Tibetan Mastiff with bird

Dear Bird, you are not going anywhere. Wait, is there another bird?? The Tibetan mastiff looking out for the bird in the bush while holding one bird in hand.

Ok, all set – time to rip you apart.

RIP dear bird.

Thanks for watching. Area secure, time to relax.

Tibetan Mastiff relaxed

Link: Tibetan Mastiff dog breed profile page.

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