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How do I choose the right dog for me? Determine if you are willing to take on potential challenges with temperament, grooming needs, and health problems. Make sure the dog breed will fit in with your family and lifestyle, including other dogs. Then, be sure to look for a responsible dog breeder. Besides pure breeds, mixed breed dogs or designer dogs can also be wonderful as a pet if you are not planning on participating in dog shows.
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Choosing the perfect dog breed for yourself: 

Choosing the perfect breed can be confusing! Try answering some questions to yourself and your family. Explore all dog breeds and select the right one.

Example of thought process while selecting the best breed: I live in an apartment, with a medium small yard. I have no kids, and I’m not planning on itI’m not an experienced dog owner, and I have no other pets. I would like my dog to be highly protective, and I prefer a dog who doesn’t bark much. I would like to only play indoors with my new best friend. My dog will be with me or someone else most of the time, and I want to teach him basic obedience. I prefer any size of a dog that requires very little grooming and shedding is not an issue for me. Consider the Staffordshire Terrier.

terrier breeds Staffordshire bull terrier

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